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I wanted you to know how impressive this campaign has been to see unfold. We're planning a bit of promotion on this for a post-election send to our clients and prospects. Lesley may have already shared that we're planning how best to make this a default offering with our media planning and placement service as well as factoring in the creative/messaging construct a :15 spot requires. Just wanted to throw my 2-cents in and say thanks for a great job!
Clint, President


Design 4, a marketing communications firm wanted a way to add reach to the political ad campaigns they were already running TV and radio for.


Leveraging the mass reach and data targeting abilities of the Bolt Media Group video ad network, thirty second pre-roll video ads were placed to reach registered voters in the state of Florida. As the campaign ran, the Bolt Media Group management team shifted budgets to the better performing sites to maximize length of views and clicks to the website with great results.


On one of their most recent campaigns the video was seen 653,127 times by registered voters with 4,415 voters visiting the website. 76% of the viewers watched 100% of the thirty second video.

Sample Video

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