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We have 19 store locations that cover four DMA areas. TV was getting expensive and tracking its performance was very hard. The Bolt Media Group Targeted Digital Marketing plans have been a great solution. They have become a big part of our advertising efforts and we have seen more traffic to our website than ever before. We love the ability to provide each of our 19 stores adequate exposure and the detailed performance reports Bolt Media Group provides gives us very good information that can be applied to making future campaigns even more successful.
Phil, Director of Marketing


Schuylkill Valley Sports is a full-service sporting goods retailer and team athletic dealer with 19 locations throughout eastern Pennsylvania. Traditionally, SVS runs heavy advertising campaigns three times per year for the spring, back to school and holiday seasons with each season having a unique target audience. Due to a decrease in the overall advertising budget, SVS was looking for a way to better allocate its 2012 Holiday ad budget than the traditional ways it had been spent which was primarily radio and cable advertising.


Leveraging the mass reach and data targeting abilities of the Bolt Media Group video ad network, thirty second online pre-roll video ads were placed in a select list of over 8,000 websites targeting winter season top holiday spenders, holiday shoppers, people in the market for sports equipment related to skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports, outdoor winter sports product and equipment buyers, people who follow team sports in NFL/college football or hockey and 4,120 websites identified as websites with high volumes of visitors who are age 25-54 with an emphasis on female viewers who live within a 20-40 minute drive of the 19 store locations. Two videos were produced, one to run for one week leading up to Black Friday and another to run the first two weeks of December.


As the campaign ran, the management team automatically shifted budgets to the better performing sites and audiences to maximize the length of time each viewer spent watching the video and the number of clicks to the SVS landing page with great results.

  • SVS received almost two million video views during this three week campaign.
  • 559,683 qualified people saw the video an average of 3.48 times.
  • 11,296 (0.58%) qualified clicks were sent to the SVS landing page.
  • An additional 1,052,843 impressions with 788 clicks were delivered by companion banner ads.
  • 66% of viewers watched the entire 30 second video.
  • Overall sales at the 19 stores were up in comparison to the same advertising period the prior year while spending less on advertising.
  • Sales at were also up.

Schuylkill Valley Sports has been so satisfied with the results that they have made pre-roll video marketing part of its ongoing advertising efforts.

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