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Bolt Media Group was hired to provide online video marketing for the County Executive position of Nassau County New York…in the NYC TV DMA which is the most expensive TV market in the US. This was a November 2013 election.


With $100,000 the candidate was able to utilize their TV spots online for 2 full months in front of only registered voters in the geography of Nassau County. We used pre-roll and in- display video ads both online and through mobile apps.


During the 8 week period we reached in excess of 80% of all registered voters who could vote in this election 3 time each. There was no wasted coverage, and there was capacity to provide more. By behavior targeting voters only we calculate that we saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars it would have cost on TV and Cable to achieve this kind of reach and frequency with the applicable voters and possibly eliminated 75%+ wasted coverage. It absolutely reached critical mass and allowed the candidate to use their TV ads effectively for 2 months prior to election day while his TV and Cable was only affordable for 2 weeks. In this case, our candidate beat the opponent by 20%. We have political down to a science by encompassing all known video networks, being able to target likely voters based on online political behavior, voting history, and geography. Every campaign that intends to use TV needs to include this in the mix.

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