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Outstanding stuff. I find your product unique and incredibly useful.
Eric, Lead Neuropsychologist


USF Health, who had been running television advertising for the Alzheimer’s Awareness campaign, wanted a more efficient way than TV to take their campaign national.


Leveraging ailments data from a large data supplier partnered with Bolt Media Group, Bolt Media Group was able to append IP addresses using its Direct Hit Marketing service to the household level for households with a person who has Alzheimer’s in the home. Bolt Media Group appended 53% of the postal addresses on the list with an IP address and served a combination of :15, :30 and :60 videos to those households. As the campaign ran, the Bolt Media Group management team shifted budgets to the better performing sites to maximize length of views and clicks to with great results. Additionally, Bolt Media Group provided a list of those households it could and could not append IP addresses to so USF Health could utilize the data for other marketing purposes such as direct mail.


To date, the videos have been seen 250,732 times with 84% of the audience watching 100% of the videos while driving 141 clicks to the website.

Sample Video

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