Wayne Akers Ford


Wayne Akers Ford was brought to us through their ad agency UPs Automotive. Both the dealer and agency were looking for a way to expand on the reach of their TV advertising campaign while driving the quality of people in the market to buy a vehicle to the dealership website.


Leveraging the mass reach and data targeting abilities of the Bolt Media Group pre-roll video ad network, thirty second video ads were placed targeting a 30 minute drive time area around the dealership. The primary focus was people in the market to buy a new or used vehicle and people who are driving vehicles with warranties about to expire. As the campaign ran, the Bolt Media Group management team shifted budgets to the better performing sites to maximize length of views and clicks to the dealership website with great results.


Within the first month the Wayne Akers Ford video was seen 104,257 times with 73% of the audience watching 100% of the commercial while driving 759 clicks to the dealership website. Both the dealer and agency were so happy with the results they agreed to continue with the campaign for an additional three months.

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Bolt Media Group | Wayne Akers Ford
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