At Bolt Media Group, our staff shares one common goal, helping advertisers advertise efficiently and effectively. Lead by John Bolt, our staff uses marketing strategies that have been helping clients do exactly that for over 40 years. With a history of providing market research, customer analysis and media buying, Bolt Media Group thoroughly understands the obstacles faced by advertisers today and has implemented the same strategies into digital marketing campaigns that have successfully helped many clients with their traditional advertising methods for years.

Through consumer data targeting using dozens of data partners and our ad network of over one million websites and apps, we are able to put your digital ads in front of highly responsive people in your marketing area across all of their devices.

While many digital providers simply broker another companies services who tend to use a “set it and forget it” approach, Bolt Media Group runs your campaign 100%. Our service is second to none. We understand the results of your campaign ultimately dictate whether or not you continue to do business with us and we take that very seriously.

Key Employees
John Bolt, Owner/President

After much uncertainty with regards to what career path I would follow, I was introduced to marketing by who I would consider to be one of the best I’ve ever seen, Bob Keeton. Working for Bob for many years and eventually running his company taught me the importance of identifying your audience and the best ways to reach them. “Fish where the fish are!”

As digital marketing evolved and became a major part of every advertising campaign we did I knew it would be equally important to make every impression count the same way we had always bought traditional media. Already having relationships with all the major data compilers due to our direct mail services I identified ways to utilize this data with digital advertising. Bolt Media Group was one of the very first companies with the ability to effectively provide targeted digital marketing campaigns at the household level and continues to provide cutting edge targeted digital services far superior to others.

As owner and president of Bolt Media Group my responsibilities are great but I continue to be very hands on with every campaign we run no matter the size of the campaign. While I see the benefits to companies using automated processes I feel the only one truly benefiting from those campaigns are the companies running them. At Bolt Media Group we believe in providing cutting edge services with old school service. Nothing beats the human brain and its ability to adapt to a constant changing world.

Joel Frensdorf, VP of Sales

Media is in my blood. At 18 years old I built WGDI radio at the University of Cincinnati. At age 22 I went to work at WMMS in Cleveland until I left in 1982 as sales manager. In 1982 I went to West Palm Beach WFLX Fox 29 TV until 1990 when I went to sell cable television for seven years as a sales manager of Miami Fort Lauderdale Interconnect. In 1997 I signed on at WAMI TV in Miami and ended my broadcast career from 2000 to 2002 at ABC 7 TV in Sarasota/Tampa DMA. In 2002 I left broadcast for the internet and have not looked back. I spent the first 4 to 5 years in email marketing and now enjoy providing the digital marketing services of Bolt Media Group. I really feel I’m working at the cutting edge of technology with this and can finally provide the industries I enjoy working with most a solid solution for their marketing needs. My political and automotive clients have never been so happy and I don’t know if I will ever retire because I’m having too much fun.

Paul Chinigo, Director of Business Development

Serving as Director of Business Development, I bring a positive passion and strive to provide customized marketing strategies that drive results for my clients. I view each day as an opportunity to immerse myself into the world of marketing and to provide for the needs of a diverse group of clients. I specialize in the event/show and automotive industries which suits my background well. I enjoy that my job offers the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients and the ability to do something different each day! In my spare time, I enjoy my family, reading, spirituality, the martial arts, music, and playing guitar which I’ve done for 30+ years!

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