Direct Hit Marketing
If you could put online ads in front of only those households on your postal lists, wouldn’t you want to do that?

Direct Hit Marketing uses the TARGETING of direct mail and the INTERACTIVITY of the internet in one COST EFFECTIVE and MEASURABLE solution to get your brand message directly in front of viewers.

In recent years, the abundance of new and sophisticated marketing technologies has hit an all-time high, paving the way for the most comprehensive of marketing campaigns. With the ever increasing costs of print and postage, direct marketers have seen diminishing returns. Luckily for today’s marketing executives, we live in a time where those traditional mediums can be easily integrated with the digital marketing capabilities of display and video advertising. Direct Hit Marketing enables marketers to finally realize the potential in opportunities to attain increased frequency among the people on their postal lists. Armed with this patent pending technology marketers are able to increase engagement as well as the likelihood of response. Results have shown increased response rates from those persons served with both direct mail and online ads.

Through data appending processes and a network of over 1 million websites, we are able to put your banner and video ads in front of the households on your postal lists.

No more wasted coverage!
No more wasting dollars!


How Direct Hit Marketing works


  1. First we match the postal addresses on your lists with a web entry point (IP address). This typically results in a match rate of anywhere between 30 and 80 percent.
  2. Next we assign the web entry points with a unique privacy ID.
  3. Finally we send your online ads only to websites when and where your unique ID’s visit.
  4. This process results in running your ads in front of internet users at only the households on your lists.
Ad Types

Both banner and pre-roll video ads can be used with Direct Hit Marketing but most important is that your core marketing objective must be to display prominently what the people in your data are most likely going to respond to. A critical component of any marketing campaign is the understanding of the types of people you serve ads to and the capability to deliver your marketing message accordingly. Typically more than 95% of people who visit your website will leave before completing the actions that you set forth in your marketing efforts due to confusion and or lack of information. With Direct Hit Marketing’s ability to segment multiple audiences based on a variety of attributes marketers are able to entice people with customized offerings and messages.

Standard Pre-Roll

Video ad begins playing automatically with sound on when user chooses to watch a content driven video on premium leading websites and apps.

Standard Display

Animated or static image displayed in web browsers or in apps. Clicking on unit takes user to branded site or microsite.

With Direct Hit Marketing You’ll Get:

1. Increased response rates on other advertising methods by as much as 30 to 40 percent.

2. Relevant ads delivered to specific audiences, reducing wasted impressions.

3. Additional frequency of message to the people on your direct mail list at a nominal cost.


What People Are Saying

“Outstanding stuff. I find your product unique and incredibly useful. “

Eric, Lead Neuropsychologist, USF Health

The TARGETING of direct mail + the INTERACTIVITY of the internet.

Now available to you in one COST EFFECTIVE and MEASURABLE brand message.

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