General FAQs

What are your hours?

Our office hours are 7am to 6pm EST but we are available 24/7. Really!

How is your ad network different from others?

Most DSP’s (delivery side platforms) provide you access to traffic from only a few ad exchanges at one time. This limits the availability of impressions which is then limited even further once targeting by geography, demographics and behaviors are layered on top. By bringing traffic into our network from dozens of providers, both through public and private inventory, it allows us to tap into traffic from over one million websites and apps. This combined with our relationships with dozens of data providers allows us the ability to serve and measure more available traffic than anyone. This is especially important to local advertisers who are already limited to the traffic within a small geographical area.

How and where is the data you use collected?

An IP address is used to identify the geographical location of the impression. A cookie is used to identify demographics and behaviors of the impression. Cookies are provided by big name data providers who collect cookies in various ways which include but are not limited to purchasing data from website owners and search engines and appending offline data with online data in order to identify additional demographics about the cookie.

Do you have somewhere I can login to monitor my campaign?

The short answer is no we do not but as part of our service we provide you weekly stats for your campaign via email and a detailed performance report upon the completion of your campaign. We are happy to share the stats of your campaign with you at any time, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

How transparent are you?

Following are some of the metrics we share with you during and after your campaign.

  • Summary of the number of views and clicks delivered, number of unique people reached, frequency and number of unique people that clicked on your ads.
  • Top 10 geographical areas clicks were received from.
  • Top 10 websites and apps views and clicks were received from.
  • Top 10 websites and apps based on click through rate.
  • Metrics breakdown for each creative ad used for the campaign.

How do you charge for your services?

All of our services are based on cost per impression. . We base our rates on the average rates we know we will need to pay in order to provide you with a well-balanced campaign. The one big secret most placement agencies won’t reveal is that site quality is driven by rate. We have a thorough understanding of the bidding processes. Because there are a very limited number of premium sites, the availability of sites grows as quality decreases. This does not mean these lesser quality sites can’t make for an effective campaign; it just means more of them will be needed in order to meet campaign goals. Many placement agencies will quote you low rates just to earn your business. What they aren’t telling you is that what they are willing to pay for inventory on your behalf will be so low your chances of receiving inventory from top tier sites is very limited which also hinders the overall availability to serve ads to your target audience effectively.

How do I know which ad formats are best for my campaign?

We understand each and every ad format available today and can help you decide which is right for your campaign. Best of all, we can run several different ad formats simultaneously and provide you with metrics for each ad type individually and combined.

Can I target different audiences with different ads or ad types?

Absolutely! This is something we encourage and will be happy to monitor for you so that you can see which audiences and ads are being responded to most.

What makes your optimization process so superior?

Optimization throughout the campaign is an essential part of what makes your campaign a success. Once a campaign starts, our optimization technology kicks in. We provide you analytics for your entire campaign. To reach a target audience, advertisers often use a mix of direct buys, ad networks and DSPs to execute their video campaign. This means they have multiple sets of analytics they need to manually combine to understand how their campaign performed. In addition, they have no idea how often they are reaching the same viewer across different publishers. We solve these problems for brand advertisers with our cross-campaign analytics solution. Even if a campaign uses multiple vendors, we deliver detailed analytics and audience measurement across the entire media buy all in one easy to understand report. Most of our competitors are content to only tell you how many impressions they delivered. We find that puzzling. Instead, we tell you exactly how many impression you received, how long people watched your video and if they shared it on social networking sites. We will show you exactly which sites your ads ran on, in what volume and how well they performed. Many providers use a set it and forget it approach using automated optimization processes. We use a hands on approach by monitoring and optimizing your campaign manually at least once per day.

Direct Hit Marketing FAQs

How is this different from cookie appending?

We don’t need tracking cookies. This is important because cookies expire and lose track of users or get deleted to protect privacy so you end up with 30-40% accuracy.

How is this different from other IP targeting?

Our methods are more accurate and reliable. We don’t use zip code or IP clusters. This is important because zip, zip+4 and conventional IP targeting relies heavily on sophisticated guesswork so you end up with 20-30% accuracy.

What makes your IP appending process so superior?

All other targeting models tap the data stream as it flows down the network to the device level. User information gets lost in the process every time a critical data source changes, such as cookie or IP address. When you rely on top down targeting, you are relying on incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable data. Our Direct Hit Targeting first detects the latitude and longitude of a specific IP address at the device level. Next we track the IP address across the web to validate against related information such as transactional data. Finally we link the IP address with its postal address only when we know with 95%+ certainty that the IP address is at that postal address thus creating an absolute, reliable, enduring connection with your exact target audience.

Where will my ads appear?

We have the ability to place ads on over 1 million websites. This gives us access to approximately 90% of the available daily ad inventory on the internet. Popular sites where we place ads include Google, YouTube, MSN, Facebook and Yahoo! but it is important to remember that the websites your ads are seen on is nowhere near as important as who is seeing them.

How many times should I reach each household with my ads?

Typically, we recommend reaching each household 20 to 30 times. This is the rate at which we see click through rates start to climb and while this may sound like a lot, frequency in advertising is what works. Considering you can have the households on your list seeing your online ads multiple times for the same cost as one direct mail piece we think it’s a no brainer.

What sort of metrics do I get?

We provide weekly reports that include number of impressions served, number of clicks delivered and click through rates. We also have the ability to track conversions if needed. Additionally, at the completion of a campaign we generally provide clients with a match-back analysis which compares your targeting segment(s) with new sales to demonstrate efficacy and ROI for the campaign.

What sort of CTR should I expect?

Ultimately most clients see an increase in clicks to their website, but we encourage clients to look beyond click through rate (CTR) and focus on metrics that have more meaning to their business like conversions, sales and return on investment (ROI) for the ad campaign.

Can you make sure my ads do not appear on specific sites?

Yes, by default we will not serve ads on adult or “vice” sites. Additionally, we eliminate sites with a history of low quality or fraudulent traffic. If you would like us to further restrict the universe of sites upon which we display your ads, we are happy to incorporate this into your campaign.

How accurate is ad delivery?

Our match and append process has a 95% level of confidence in matching a household to an IP address. If we are not at least 95% confident that the IP address we have on file matches the households physical address, we will not serve ads to that household.

Will I see my own ads?

Include your own home and business address with your list and it is very likely you will see your own ads. Provide us with your IP address and we are pretty certain you will see them.

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