Targeted Digital Marketing
If you could put your digital ads in front of only those people who are voters, wouldn’t you want to do that?

political-monitorWith so many advertising options out there today it’s important to focus your ad dollars on only those people who are voters. While traditional advertising methods will reach a lot of people, only a small percentage of those people will be voters which means more of your ad dollars are wasted reaching people who will never vote than people who will.

Through consumer data targeting using dozens of data partners and our ad network of over one million websites and apps, we are able to put your digital ads in front of highly responsive voters in your marketing area.

Target your political digital ads by the following demographic profiles.

  • Registered Voters (targetable by political party and many other selects)
  • Political Party, Affiliation and Views
  • Political Donors/Contributors
  • Political Junkies
  • Political Interests such as Advocacy and Issues
  • Political Websites (breitbart.com, salon.com and many more)
No more wasted coverage! No more wasting dollars!
Political Video Samples

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The TARGETING of Direct Mail + the INTERACTIVITY of the internet. Now available to you in one COST EFFECTIVE and MEASURABLE brand message.


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